[[Terra Antiqua]]

Extracts from De Mirabilis Rebus or Encyclopedia of Wonders:

Clockwork Armada: abandoned in the middle of a field a mighty army rests and rusts. They say that the Dwarves tricked once a King to buy an invincible Army of Automata. But as the battle turned into a carnage the war-dolls suddenly broke into tears. And their tears went down to their clockwork hearts and corroded them until they stopped. What a weird view must be, this mighty clockwork armada covered by blue grass and thick thorns under heavy rain and snow, forever lost, forever crying.

Masks and Wigs: to hide the disfigurements of the Orc Plague and all the diseases coming from their debaucheries, the Nobility uses to cover head and face with flamboyant Wigs and Masks. In some cities of the South (where the Orc Plague spread first) the commoners copied them and now masks are common like underwear. Mask Makers are among the most well paid artisans of Terra Antiqua.

Unicorn: it's the purest of the beasts and its horn can heal every disease. Someone says even Death. There must be still Unicorns beyond the Borders as the Emperor himself sends regularly his rangers to hunt them. The price of a single specimen is beyond any imagination.

Freeholds: Elves left the Earth centuries ago, but their Queen still claims some Fiefs on the Land. In those "Freeholds" there is no Law and no Church: criminals are not punished, slaves get their freedom back, witches and warlocks perform their tricks with no shame. Actors and whores, murders and pagans, Orcs and Changelings: Freeholds are the home of all the outcasts of the world.

The Pillars or "Nec Plus Ultra": when the First Emperor set the Borders of the Known World he ordered the building of colossal Pillars to warn the people that no Law and no Protection exist beyond the Empire. And Monsters and Pagans still live out there. Those who adventure themselves beyond the Pillars must be ready to face Death. And Dragons.(Note: nowadays most of those Pillars are ruins, hidden by wild vegetation).

Tattoo Sorcery: everybody can get a tattoo in the floating bazaars of Elves. But sometimes (and not without a cost) they can imbue their drawings with their own blood making a magical tattoo (that grants to its holder the access to Elves Sorcery). The Nobility (who should avoid tattoos as they are forbidden by the Church) values those drawings a lot, and would pay an extremely good price for the skin of a Tattoo Sorcerer just to embellish their wunderkammern.

Les Sang Bleu: to avoid the contagion of any kind of disease and prevent poisoning, Nobles ingest hydrargirion potions that make their blood dark blue and their children weak and sick. Dwarves keep the secret of their concoctions very well and always ask for high price. Hydrargirion anyway cannot cure the Orc Plague, just slow it down.

Stigmata: some Priests and Priestesses receive by God the power to perform Miracles (i.e. Channel Divine Power). Extremely rare, they are worshipped as Saints. Bleeding Stigmata appear on their body and it is said that the Blood of a Theurge can heal every injuries and repel Undead. Theurgy is the only "magic" allowed by the Church. Nevertheless those who can perform Miracles should expect a visit by the Witch Hunters who will test their Faith or burn them with the other witches.

Demons: the Church forbids me to write about Demons, but everybody knows that the Fallen are out there, disguising themselves as Mortals, deceiving the purest soul, spreading their Demonspawn, harvesting souls for the Hordes of Hell.

[[Terra Antiqua]]

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