[[Alchemy: Potions]]

Whatever is their form (sniffing dusts, smelly vials, pasty creams, hideous syringes…) potions are very common in Terra Antiqua and most of the people use them on a daily basis. Herbalists, Midwives, Surgeons and Practical Alchemists can brew most of the potions and will sell them for cheap prices. Dwarves are renowned as the best "concoctionists" and their potions and ointments are far better than humans' ones. Anyway everything comes with a price. Cheap Alchemy provokes serious consequences in those who abuse of it. Dwarves' Alchemy is safer but can induce severe addiction (Dwarves always know to take advantage from their work).

Here you will find a List of the most common Potions (and ointments, dust, eye-drops etc.) in Terra Antiqua with their notable side effects (rarity and cost may differ from the Rule Book):

Antitoxin - common to rare -: ingesting this metallic water gives resistance against poisoning. There are many kinds of Antitoxins on the market: Aqua Regis, with its distinctive silver color, is the most expensive and most powerful of them. Note: Antitoxin do not cure poisoning but prevent it. Cheap Antitoxin are normally fake (if not poisonous themselves).

Antidote – common to rare – there is an antidote for most of the poisons. Saint Lupho's Remedy (Elixir of Health) and the Dwarven Soup (Potion of Vitality) are universal Antidotes.

Oil of Slipperiness (a.k.a. Spinster Grease) – common-: it smells like old salty sweat but it is always useful, most of adventurers (specially rogues) have a couple of bottles in their equipment.

Oil of Sharpness  – uncommon, Dwarven Alchemy -: it's one of the best-sellers from the Dwarves market (after Black Powder of course). Human Alchemists developed a similar but flawed recipe that damages and eventually dissolves the blade after a couple of hours. Beware of cheap alchemy!

Ointment of Climbing (a.k.a. Spider Balm ) – common – : some people find it disgusting because it is filled with spiders.

Ointment of Animal Invisibility (a.k.a. Troll Tallow) – common -: this greasy, smelly balm will make you invisible to all non-intelligent animal. There are no real trolls inside.

Ointment of Camouflage (Shadow Essence)- rare – : spread this iridescent black oil all over your body and equipment to blend into the environment and walk unnoticed (+ 5 to Stealth).

Ointment of Barskin – from common to very rare -: makes the skin thick as leather giving it special resistance against weapons (from +1 to +4). Abusers will grow a greysh wrinkled skin that looks like stone. This is quite a common feature among Veterans.

Ointment / Incense of Were – Repulsion (a.k.a. Wolfsbane sticks) – rare -: these remedies are known to repel wolves and werewolves (if they exist at all). Most of explorers would burn a couple of wolfsbane sticks in their fire when they camp in the wild.

Potion of Healing (a.k.a. King's Vinegar or simply "the vinegar") -from common to very rare -: every brewer has his own recipe, and the effects can go from mild to portentous. Everyone knows anyway that: "the sourer, the better"

Potion of Nightwatch (a.k.a. Red Virgin Drops, Hag's Spit ) – common-: these eye drops grant Darkvision and +5 to Perception rolls. Those who abuse of it display a permanent mutation of the eyes: the white part turns into red, the iris turns into light silver blue. People call them "Noctuae" or "Owlets". Many rogues, who operate normally in the dark hours, use a lot of these eye drops, therefore Owlets are normally misjudged as criminals. The Red Virgin Drops can be used as Antidote for the Poison of Blindness.

Potion of Heroism (a.k.a. Stinkhorn Brew, Queen's Turd, Black Soup, Molasses) – common-: obtained by black phallus-morphic mushrooms, this stinky concoction grants 10 temporary hits points (and the effect of the spell Bless). It is highly addictive. Abusers lose their tasting / smelling sense and have the awful habit to chew black mushrooms continuously (so that their teeth become black). As these mushrooms are extremely foul and stinky Black Mouths (as the addicted are called) are confined to specific areas in every Inn with a good name.

Potion of Haste (a.k.a. Quickening Salts, Popping Stars, Crystal Bolts, Elvish Delights) – uncommon-: those who abuse of it loose all their body hairs (and most of the time also their temper). Their eyes, heavily circled, are injected with blood. People call them "Quicklings" and are normally found among criminals, traders, mercenaries.

Potion /Ointment of Resistance (a.k.a. Salve of St.Regis) – uncommon-: it is mostly sold as ointment to be spread all over the body before damage exposure. Abusers will see their skin turning into a pasty white, thick and scaly textured mass. In a long time facial features will melt as exposed to acid. St.Regis was a famous Dragon Hunter and his Salve is specific against Fire.

Ointment of Cure Paralisys / Petrification (a.k.a. Saint Vriza's Piss ) – uncommon -: this oil must be spread all over the body of a paralized or petrified person. It is the usual antidote to the  "Water of Calcification". The name comes from the legend of Saint Vriza who showed to Hell her contempt pissing on her petrified acolytes, saving them from a basilisk shaped devil.

Potion of Strength – from uncommon to legendary-: as Strength grows to preternatural level the body is taken beyond its limits. When the effect of the potion ends, roll a Constitution Saving Throw, if you fail it, you lose from 1d4 to 1d12 hit points (depending on the potion used). Abusers will lose a Permanent Constitution point as their bones will become frailer and frailer. Potions of Strength are normally very volatile and are sold in form of syringes.

Potion of Water Breathing (a.k.a. Jenny's Jelly ) -rare -: chewing this jelly grants the capability to breath underwater. Common folk believes that the recipe was given by the legendary Jenny Greenteeth to a priest who wanted to convert the underwater creatures.

Elixir of Health (a.k.a Angel Balm, Angel Tears, Saint Lupho's Remedy) – rare – : this concoction restores the body to its normal condition curing most conditions (and poisons). It cannot cure either the Orc Plague or Lycanthropy (or other curse related afflictions).

Potion of Longevity (a.k.a. Grand Elixir, Hydrargyrion Essence) – legendary, Dwarven Alchemy-: it contains hydrargyrion, therefore it induces sterility and impotence. Abusers will see their blood becoming dark blue, their skin pale and frail like paper.

Potion of Vitality (a.k.a. Dwarf Soup, Dwarven Alchemy) – rare -: it is the most powerful healing potion: not only it restores completely the body from all conditions, but it takes it back to its full health. It contains Hydrargyrion. Abusers will become impotent, sterile and blue blooded.

Potion / Salts of Fire-Breathing ( Dragonsalts) – very rare, Dwarven Alchemy -: this ember-like pills will give you the power to breath fire like a dragon for a short time. Of course you will lose your facials hairs and the sense of taste permanently.

Potion / Dust of Petrification (a.k.a. Aqua Gravis, Steinwasser,Water of Calcification )- very rare, Dwarven Alchemy – it can be used also to preserve a corpse from decay. Hunters find it useful to keep the killed monsters in good shape before selling them on the market.

Dust of Clarity (a.k.a. Saint Vriza's Sniff) – rare – : sniffing this dust grants +1 Wis and +5 to any saving throw against illusions, charming and mind controlling spells. Saint Vriza developed the recipe herself to avoid the tricks of Demons. It works as Antidote to all the poisons that induce madness or nightmares.

Glittering Dust (a.k.a. ) – uncommon, Dwarven alchemy – : spread this shining metallic powder in the area where you assume somebody is hiding himself to reveal his presence. Glittering Dust is not an antidote to the potion / spell of invisibility but it is a useful tool against invisible creature.

Dust of Disappearance (a.k.a Prism Dust, Pulver Alba, Elven Snow ) – rare, Dwarven alchemy – this crystalline powder can be spread over creatures or objects and with its light-deflecting properties will make them almost invisible. Water or glittering powder will negate the effects of this dust.

Sovereign Glue (a.k.a.  ) – rare, Dwarven Alchemy – : there is no material that this glue cannot fix or stick together. You can use it to repair your equipment or to stick your enemies on the floor. The only known remedy is the "universal solvent". Note that every vial containing this glue must be prepared with the solvent in advance.  A drop of this glue into a drink turn it into it a deadly poison (the victim will suffocate in few minutes). The sovereign glue is really expensive.

Universal Solvent (a.k.a Dwarf piss ) – rare, Dwarven Alchemy . : it is the only antidote to the Universal Glue, but it can be used also to dissolve any other potion, to open locks or destroy permanently spell scrolls.The solvent is expensive as much as the glue.

Here you will find a List of the Potions (and ointments, dusts, eye-drops etc.) which cannot be brewed without the use of Magic. Therefore their production and consume is considered a sin by the Church. Witch Hunters are likely to kill those who are found in possession of these items (and burn those who are found brewing these potions). Exception: potions and ointments produced in the laboratories of Monasteries by Priests:

Potion of Animal Friendship (a.k.a. Ruebezahlschnapps, Druid Beer)-very rare-: in ancient times Druids were known for their ability to speak with animals. The recipe of this potion has been secretly kept by generations of wild witches or pagan families

Potion of Diminution / Growth (a.k.a. Moon Wash) – legendary -: this potion has a curious effect: it makes you bigger when the Moon is waxing, smaller when it's waning.

Potion of Invisibility (a.k.a Aqua Noctis, Night Juice ) - rare -: this powerful potion will grant you absolute invisibility until the next sunrise/ sunset (if you attack someone you are still invisible but your target could detect you with INt check). The main ingredient is the heart of a witch.

Potion of Gaseous Form (a.k.a. Sylph Blood) -legendary: an air elemental must be killed to brew this powerful potion.

Potion / Ointment of Invulnerability (a.k.a Portentous Salve of St. Conor) – legendary – : for short time it gives you complete immunity to all kind of  damage. It contains the blood of a Theurge. St. Conor used to be the illiterate servant (and some say the lover) of St Regis, the famous Dragon Hunter, he developed this mighty oil from his own blood.

Potion/Incense of Clairvoyance (a.k.a. Mists of Saint Marpha) – uncommon -: this potion comes normally in the form of Incense sticks. Saint Marpha was famous for controlling her monasteries through clairvoyance during her famous Pilgrimages. The Mists of Saint Marpha are commonly used by the Clergy and the Witch Hunters.

Potion / Incense of Mind Reading (a.k.a

Potion of Flying (Elven Milk) – very rare-: legends say that you need a drop of milk from the Elven Queen breasts to brew this portentous potion.

True Philter of Love – very rare- : nothing is more common than a fake "philter of love" (which is not to be confused with the plethora of aphrodisiac potions on the market). But the true philter of love requires a deep knowledge of magic to be brewed.

Incense / Dust of Magic Detection (a.k.a. The Spark ) – rare – : witch hunters sniff this glittering dust to detect any form of active magic. The incense is commonly used in group -rituals before a Great Hunt. The "spark" is produced normally by alchemist-monks. It is quite expensive because it contains the ashes of a theurge

Potion of Luck /Potion of Grand Luck - rare/legendary- for 1 hour you roll all your dice with advantage and you have +2 to all saving throws. The potion of grand luck gives you + 5 to all saving throws, if your hit dice are reduced under 0 you go to 1.

Potion of Necromancy (a.k.a. Aqua Mortis, Totenwasser) legendary – drinking this potion gives you the power to speak with the dead for one night (the potion must be kept away from light). When the effects end you must roll a saving throw (Cos) or get 1d12 of Necrotic damage.

Potion of Many Tongues ( a.k.a Potion of Devil Tongue) – very rare-: it grants to ability to speak every language (but not to read or write it). This potion must be "blessed" by a demon or a demonspawn. As many hell-related powers it is dispelled by sunrise.

Potion of Polymorph (a.k.a Hexenbrei , Witches'Pot)- legendary -: the most famous and feared potion brewed by witches, gives you the power to take the shape (and the voice and the innate abilities) of anyone. In order to copy a specific being, you need to mix a part of its body (hair, nail…) in the potion before ingesting it.

[[Alchemy: Potions]]

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