Terra Antiqua: The Cities

Lumiere: the splendid Capital of the Empire, was built in the Middle of Terra Antiqua on the banks of the River Avolett after a dream of the Empress Magrivaine III . Designed to be simply breath-taking, it is lightened day and night by thousands of alchemical lamps. All the Roads of the Empire end up here. As the water of the Avolett is pumped into the fountains and star shaped pools of Lumiere, the country around turned into a barren land and all the food and beverages for the decadent nobility of the city must be taken from far away. Beyond the Sluice Gate of Lumiere the river Avolett became not navigable (apart in the rain season), making the old harbor of Levantine completely useless.

Mont Scharlach: built over the cavernous complex where the "Repentant Idolene" is supposed to have spent her last years (in complete abstinence from food, water and sex), this fortified city is the seat of one of the most important Academies for Witch Hunters and one of the main Pilgrims' Cities. It is ruled by the Abbess of Mont Scharlach, the only woman covering a place of power in the Church Hierarchy (and one of the most famous alchemist of Terra Antiqua).

Valdrade: the former capital of the King of the Mountains, it was one of the last cities to fall under the control of the Emperor and still occupied by the Army. Valdrade controls the Quarzwald and its precious mines and it is one of the main market to deal with dwarves.

Pismire: former capital of the Eastern Kingdom of Hyrcaspia, it has been the arch-enemy of the Empire for many centuries. Therefore Pismire became a synonym for treachery, barbarism and witchcraft ("The Blonde Maids of Pismire" are infamous witches). The city itself is quite beautiful, partially built on the water at the estuaries of the rivers Raab and Zmey, it is the only city of the Empire who enjoys a permanent Elven Bazaar.

Taurea, Calyx and Sabrae: some of the most ancient cities of the Empire, they are the Jewels of Chloride and Argalia (the South Nations). You can still admire the ruins of the Old Pagan Time there (even if the most refined works of art have been taken to Lumiere). The countryside is renowned also for its pristine beauty, and many Noble Families have their villas there. Taurea is built over a hill (and its famous for the Bull Race), Calyx and Sabrae are built on the sea, with rich harbors, bazaars and famous seafood dishes. The city of Sabrae is ruled by the Admiral of the Imperial Navy who patrols the routes to the mysterious eastern lands of Hyrcaspia and Psammeria.

Smorgard: in the harsh wastelands of the East you can find the hardest city of Empire, Smorgard the Iron Guard, where the Emperor sends his enemies in exile.  Smorgard is therefore a prison city, with no rules apart violence, corruption and blasphemy. They say that you can see Dragons fly in the sky over the Iron Towers of Smorgard.

Bilar: after the discovery of Terra Incognita and the victory of House Levent over House Sarrasine, Bilar became the most important harbor of the Empire. It has a unique status, as it is ruled by the guilds of Sailors and Merchants. Houses Ormond, Levent, Dominil and Melcene have a seat in at least one the the guilds. Bilar was the first city where the practice of wearing masks became common among nobility and commoners as well, as the Orc Plague contaminated most of the citizens

Kolchis: is the legendary capital of the Insulae Nebulae (Islands of Mists) the farest known lands on the Easts. Nobody ever saw it, but most everyone has a clear idea of how Kolchis look like. It is said that he last pagan witches rule the city.





Terra Antiqua: The Cities

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