Dwarves: the eternal grudge

Deformed by a life underground, in a land with no Sun, crawling in fetid tunnels, chewing pale mushrooms and eyeless unnamed creatures, craving nothing but power and gold, Dwarves learnt one hard lesson: to endure. And then, to conquer.

Don't misjudge their crippled bodies, as they are strong as stone and can survive in the most inhospitable environments.

What they lack in physical prowess or grace, they got in the brilliance of their quick, cunning minds: Dwarves are superior artificers, engineers, alchemists, blacksmiths, physicians, philosophers and some say even "wizards". They see the World as an imperfect place and put every efforts to shape it into new forms.

Dwarves claim that once they ruled the Land Above, but for a mysterious unspoken reason they were pushed in the Underground. Their grudge against the creatures living Above is inextinguishable, and their (not very secret) agenda is to rule them all, once again.

In the past they have been a quite shy folk, with rare contacts with the creatures from Above, based on reciprocal distrust. They used to trade jewels, potions and weapons in exchange of fresh food and slaves. After the last Great War, the Discovery of Terra Incognita and the spread of the Orc Plague they offered their knowledge to the Human Lords (i.e. the Black Powder and their curative recipes) and are slowly becoming more common in the cities, at the courts, in every market. Nevertheless the Church still claims that they have no souls and they have been living too much closer to Hell to be untainted: therefore they are still considered second class citizens, treated with fear and suspicion.

Dwarves are not a very social folk themselves, and live and work mostly alone (in the constant paranoia to be robbed of their inventions by their peers). They hate Elves and Dragons, and consider Orcs just as labor force. As relationships with Humans are getting better and better we can see now a perfectly new phenomenon: Half-Dwarves, mostly born from prostitution or rape, they mix the best of the original races.

Dwarves are also expert in Demonology, and think that Demons can be used as slaves (or, as they claim, "tools"). Demonspawn of Dwarven breed exist, but they are normally so repulsive and mischievous to be cast away from society.

Black Dwarves are a distinct sub-species, with cannibalistic and brutal attitude, feared by all. Even Dwarves are uncomfortable with them and seem ashamed of their existence (some whispers that they planned a genocide more than once, but Black Dwarves always came back, from the very deep tunnels in which they swarm).



Dwarves: the eternal grudge

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